The ultimate sailing holiday with Tubber

For many people, a sailing holiday means a challenging and adventurous form of recreation that is not for them. Not true! Sailing is for everyone and can be shaped according to every (aspiring) water sports enthusiast's wishes. Go with friends, your family, as a couple, or sail alone on a sailing yacht in an exotic destination. Even if you can't skipper yourself, it doesn't mean it ends there. Enthusiastic and professional skippers are ready to teach you the tricks of the trade or just show you the most beautiful places in the area. But where do you start, and how does it all work exactly? Good preparation for your future sailing holiday begins here.

Frequently asked questions

How can I go on a sailing holiday?

You can rent a sailing yacht bareboat (you will skipper), join one of our flotillas (sailing with a group), rent a yacht with a skipper or book a cabin on a sailing yacht or catamaran.

Where can I go on a sailing holiday?

You can rent sailing yachts anywhere in the world where there is water. Tubber offers yachts mainly  in the Mediterranean area (with focus on Croatia and Greece), the Caribbean and Asia.
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