Digital Flotilla: sailing made effortless

At Tubber, we understand that while some sailors crave the camaraderie of a traditional flotilla, others prefer a more independent adventure. That's why we offer a unique service known as the Tubber Digital Flotilla. It combines the freedom of sailing on your own terms with the convenience of expert support whenever needed.

How it works

With Tubber's Digital Flotilla, you'll enjoy the flexibility to sail at your own pace while having our dedicated support team at your fingertips. Here's how it works:

Weather Reports

Weather Reports

Receive daily weather updates to ensure safe and enjoyable sailing. Our team keeps an eye on weather conditions, providing you with essential information to plan your journey.

Marina Reservations

We assist you in securing berths at marinas along your route. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a spot to moor; we've got it covered.

Marina Reservations
Daily Route Guidance

Daily Route Guidance

Each day, we provide you with a suggested sailing route, taking into account the best anchorages, scenic spots, and must-visit locations. This ensures you make the most of your sailing adventure.

Restaurant Recommendations

Discover the culinary delights of each destination with our restaurant suggestions. We'll guide you to the best local eateries, ensuring you enjoy memorable dining experiences.

Restaurant Recommendations
Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

If you ever encounter challenges or have questions during your journey, our support team is just a message or call away. We're here to help you navigate any situation.

The Tubber Digital Flotilla is designed for those who seek the thrill of independent sailing while benefiting from the expertise and support of seasoned professionals. It's the perfect blend of self-discovery and peace of mind, allowing you to make the most of your sailing holiday without the constraints of a traditional flotilla.

Whether you join a physical flotilla or opt for the Tubber Digital Flotilla, we're committed to ensuring your sailing adventure is safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Digital Flotilla, and how does it differ from a traditional flotilla experience?

With a digital flotilla, you rent a boat in the Mediterranean Sea to set sail on your adventure. There's no need to synchronize with other holiday-goers, yet you receive remote support from a professional skipper. This includes daily updates on your route and weather forecasts, as well as restaurant reservations.

How does it differ from a traditional flotilla experience?

In a traditional flotilla, you often sail in groups with on-site guidance. With the Digital Flotilla, there is individual remote guidance, providing more freedom.

What is expected from me as a sailor during a Digital Flotilla?

You should be able to sail independently and manage the yacht. The Digital Flotilla leader provides assistance in planning routes, weather updates, and reservations.

Do I need to tak other yachts into account during the Digital Flotilla?

In the first instance, no. The Digital Flotilla offers individual guidance, but it is possible to participate with multiple yachts if desired.

How is the contact with the Digital Flotilla leader maintained?

Daily contact is maintained via WhatsApp or phone, depending on your preference and needs.

What are the costs for the Digital Flotilla?

Currently, the cost is €250 per yacht per week.

Is the Digital Flotilla suitable for sailors with little experience?

It is recommended that sailors have some experience in independently skippering a yacht. Sailing licenses and/or boating certificates are required.

Are there specific areas where the Digital Flotilla is available?

Yes, we offer the Digital Flotilla from various ports in the Mediterranean, with a focus on specific regions such as North, Central, and South Croatia, the Ionian Sea, the Saronic Gulf, the Cyclades, and the Dodecanese.
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