EIS Charter Seal Platinum Insurance

Would you like to book a sailing holiday with Tubber? If so, you'll want your money to be in good hands. Tubber will ensure this. Is your charter company in financial problems? If you book with Tubber, you always book with the security of EIS Charter Seal Platinum. Even if the companies would go bankrupt, your trip will still go ahead or be reimbursed. Tubber gives all reservations a unique guarantee for guests. Security that most charter businesses and our colleagues don't cover.

We also help in the Corona crisis! If our partner charter operator cannot provide the yacht to you due to the Corona crisis and the payment already made is converted into a voucher for you, the insurance cover of the charter seal also extends to this voucher. The prerequisite for the insurer's benefit is that the validity of the voucher is limited to a maximum of 18 months, calculated from the charter check-in date that was actually contractually agreed first.

Insurance conditions


  • All boats on
  • Coverage of all partners checked by Tubber team
  • Coverage of all bookings, booked by guests of any nationality through Tubber
  • All types of sailing holiday. Bareboat charter, flotilla sailing, crewed yachts, cabin charter and boat rental with skipper.
  • In the case of bankruptcy of the charter operator, the charter price paid and not compensated up to a maximum of 20,000 EUR/charter.
  • In the case of bankruptcy of the charter agency, the collected, not forwarded and not refunded charter price up to a maximum amount of 20,000 EUR/charter.
  • Corona voucher, limited to a maximum of 18 months

Not covered

  • The loss of the charter if the charter operator had provided another yacht with the same number of cabins and the charter client refused it. (Replacement yacht definition according to the general charter conditions: A yacht with a comparable size, number of cabins or berths, equipment and age whereby the age only differs by one or two years)
  • An acceptable loss of 24 hours per charter week due to, for example, a delayed return of the previous charter client or a repair
  • The loss of the charter due to a reason which are the fault of the charter client or which the client already knew even before concluding the charter contract
  • Reductions of the charter price due to dissatisfaction or the lack of promised characteristics (as, for example, cleanness, dinghy, outboarder, additional sails, etc.) as far as therefore, the driving ability of the chartered yacht is still ensured
  • Charter prices whose are not paid directly to Tubber or charter operator by bank transfers (bank transfer, direct debit, and credit card).
  • The bankruptcy application given to the bankruptcy intermediary charter agency or charter operator even before the conclusion of the charter contract.
  • Local Skipper Costs
  • If you book directly with the professional boat owner or charter company

Travel and deposit insurance with Tubber

Deposit insurance for chartered yachts

Can mistakes be made by anyone? Nobody is perfect. A sail breaks, the keel hits the ground, during your sailing holiday. You dock the yacht, and it gets a few scratches. This is an unwelcome surprise for the boat owner and you; the owner will need to keep your deposit. For these cases, you can be well protected by charter deposit insurance. Don't forget to take this insurance from us before your sailing holiday starts.


Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance

With the travel cancellation expenses insurance, the travel cancellation costs and the costs for a travel termination of a cruise are insured for all named persons participating in the cruise. The insurance period is from the beginning of the insurance till the end of the journey. The arrival and the departure as well as eventual additional bookings (hotel accommodation by the arrival and/or departure) can be co-insured on request. In this way you can insure yourself as a skipper as well as your crew if you or your crew members cannot take place in the cruise booked or if you have to cancel the sailing holiday due to, for example, severe accidental injuries, severe illness, corona, inoculation incompatibility or pregnancy.


Extended skipper liability insurance for private skippers

As a skipper, you are responsible for the safety of your crew members, other passengers, and the ship. You have to prove that you are capable of this by obtaining an inland or sea license, depending on the waters you are navigating. But even experienced skippers can make mistakes with fatal consequences. You have chartered a boat for private purposes and are told that it is covered by liability insurance? We recommend that you never should rely on such a statement! Often, these insurances only cover small sums of money, which at best regulate minor damages.

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