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Our world is one where ordinary people are used to booking all-inclusive, less exciting holidays. But that’s not like us! We want to make new experiences during our daily trips, embracing the ultimate feeling of freedom on blue waters and exploring the most beautiful places on Earth.

No matter whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice who is just learning to sail in an open sailboat.

A sailing trip is an experience, an adventure, and a unique way to travel. A wonderful way to relax, the ultimate natural way to move forward, combining nature with mankind. Sun, water, and wind all work together. This is all done with a very low carbon footprint. With Tubber, that's possible without any worries. Tubber experts have been organizing unforgettable holidays on the water for more than a decade. Tubber provides well-equipped yachts for everyone, regardless of their experience.

We want to become the best and biggest in 'Blue Water Sailing Experiences'.

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Boats are waiting for you

The freedom, excitement, and adventure of a sailing holiday on the blue waters is now within reach for everyone. At Tubber, we cater to your needs, whether you're an experienced sailor or desire the accompaniment of a skipper.

Destinations worldwide

Tubber guarantees a personalized sailing holiday experience on the blue waters.


Tubber experts have been organizing unforgettable holidays on the water

Great customer service

The people at Tubber are at your service, from your first search to the end of your trip

Number of satisfied customers

Annually, we assist thousands of both first-time and seasoned sailors in planning their sailing holiday, ensuring a fantastic, stress-free experience with on-trip support.

Reviews from our customers

We are proud that there is such a great positive response about our work among customers

Our benefits

Navigate with ease, skilled or new sailor. Explore your dream destination from the sea – kick off your remarkable adventure today!
Sail carefree with our Tubber guarantee
Only verified yachts
At more than 750 locations worldwide
Best price guarantee and the best insurance
Tubber experts compare prices every day
Safe and secure payments
Safe and Secure Online Payments: Bank Transfer or Credit Card Accepted.
Your personal shipmate on speed dial 24/7
For a carefree sailing holiday

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