Rent out your boats with Tubber

The beauty of this company lies within its creation, Tubber came forward from the love and passion for being on the water. Our main goal is for professional boat owners to meet renters and start sharing. We can ensure safety, legitimacy and full discretion.

Trust is essential

Trust is essential when you rent out your yacht(s). You must have complete confidence in your partner that manages your payments and communicates with your guests. We use a secure payment system that protects you from fraud and only shows genuine reviews from guests. In this way, we guarantee professional boat owners and boat renters that they can trust us.

How do I advertise my boat on Tubber?

Listing your boat on Tubber is easy and fast. Register with your Facebook or Google account, or use a regular mail address. Once you are logged in, you can navigate to rent your boat and enter information of your boat. We support all major booking systems to synchronize your fleet real-time, like for example. Booking Manager and Nausys.

Add a detailed description of your boat

Fill in a detailed description with all the information of your boat. Think of the equipment and the details that will make the trip comfortable for the renter. Take into consideration the questions a renter could ask when they rent a boat.


Add original pictures

Don’t use brochure pictures, pictures found on the internet or pictures that have copyright. The best pictures are new and taken with a good camera. Next to pictures from the inside and the outside of the boat be sure to add some close-ups from details of the boat!


Keep your calendar up-to-date

An up-to-date calendar will help to rank your boat higher in the search results. It also allows the potential renters to receive an email announcement with detailed availability of the boat.


Upload your boat ownership documentation

Tubber is proud of its qualifying process. Therefore the boat will be published online only after we verify the ownership documentations. You can email the documents to [email protected]


Verify your phone number

It’s essential to verify your mobile number in order to use our services. This is for validation reasons, but also to send you a message when your boat has been booked.


Personal service in combination with the latest technology

Our technology specialists constantly work to make Tubber the most high-tech yacht charter rental provider. From bookings and customer experiences to maximizing a fair share of revenue and linking systems and data. All this is to optimally support and improve the rental experience for boat owners and their happy sailors.

Frequently asked questions

Do we receive a commision invoice from Tubber?

Yes. You will receive a commission invoice automatically in the month of departure.

How does your commission model work?

Our commission structure is based on the idea that the price you charge is the price the renter should pay. We work on a commission-based business model, meaning you pay us a set percentage of the value of each booking you receive through Tubber. The commission percentage differs by country and can also vary depending on your boat type, season, or location.

When do I get paid for a booking?

Tubber professional boat owners and yacht charter companies get secured rental payments. In some cases, renters pay in instalments. After receiving the renter's payment, Tubber will transfer your money into your bank account after deducting commissions.

What price should I set for my boat rental?

The price is completely up to you. We advise you to set a price that is competitive with equivalent boats.

Who can add a boat?

Only the rightful owner can advertise the corresponding boat on Tubber.

What are the responsibilities as an owner of the boat?

As the owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your boat and its facilities are working as expected.

How do I update my list?

On your boat page, you can change all details of your listings. Here you can easily edit the details of your boat. If you connect with our API, you can change your system's data like prices, availability, discounts, or location.
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