Nowhere else will you experience the ultimate holiday feeling better than on the water. Sailing with your ship to the most beautiful places around the world. Anchored in a beautiful bay. Read a good book while the children are swimming in the clear blue water. Get away from the daily hustle and bustle and unwind completely. Enjoying the magnificent nature around you. However...

The earth, seas, and oceans are becoming increasingly polluted. The amount of plastic soup in the water is alarming. This is at the expense of plants and animals. And our children. So we have to take action now!

But how can I help?

Tubber asks all her guests to contribute to a cleaner sea. Every day at 4 pm. Only half an hour, no more. Every little bit helps, and together we make a difference! Together we keep our sea clean so that we can continue to enjoy a beautiful sea. So, wait a little longer with your 'after deck drink' or afternoon nap and lend a hand…

Four o'clock… TubbAsoup!

Grab a garbage bag and collect as much waste as possible around your boat at four o'clock every day with your family and friends.
You can even win a nice prize with it!

How? Take an original photo with a well-filled garbage bag and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #TubbAsoup.
Then you have a chance to win authentic "Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses" made from recycled plastic from the ocean! And for the small waste collectors among us, maybe you win your very own pirate outfit!

Hopefully, we can all continue to enjoy a fantastic boating holiday in the sea without plastic.

On behalf of Tubber and all fish, turtles, you name it.... we thank you for your help!

Clean the Ocean, what can sailors do to help?

Frequently asked questions

How to reduce plastic with you every day groceries?

Reduce your use of disposable plastics (use a reusable water bottle, use a reusable grocery bag, get into some ‘do it yourself projects’ to reduce packaging, etc.)

How to reduce plastic during my holidays?

Don't purchase gifts in plastic clamshells/oyster packaging, use natural materials to wrap gifts.

Fly less

Think about it this if you love to travel: If you use public transportation often and fly for your holidays just occasionally, your carbon footprint might still be relatively sustainable, but if you drive and fly a lot, your emissions will be higher.
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