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Flotilla sailing holiday

Flotilla sailing is a super fun way to sail together. During the one or two week adventure on the water, you and/or the children easily make new sailing friends. The perfect holiday for everyone, who wants to sail, with the support of our Tubber professionals and the cosiness of a group.

With our experienced Tubber flotilla guidance everyone, experienced or beginner, can enjoy the most beautiful bays and cosy harbours at home and abroad. Every day is a different experience and no day is the same! This way, you discover something beautiful every day during the flotilla sailing. What an unforgettable experience!

Flottilla sailing yachts in bay

Flotilla locations

Discover our world-wide flotilla offers. Don't see your favourite flotilla in this overview? Request an offer and get a tailor-made quotation for your needs. We offer more flotillas next to the flotillas on this page!
The beautiful bay of Poseidon, where we anchor with a view of the temple

Flotilla sailing Greece

Greece is known for its magnificent landscapes and historical heritage. From pristine beaches to majestic mountains, this country has everything a traveller could ask for. But what makes it truly special is its vast array of islands and the stunning waters surrounding them. To fully appreciate the beauty of this region, there's no better way than a flotilla sailing adventure with Tubber. Flotilla Sailing in Greece: A Journey like no other A flotilla sailing trip is a unique and exciting way to explore the Greek islands. Unlike a regular sailing trip, a flotilla sailing holiday is a group sailing trip where several boats sail together. With Tubber, you can join a flotilla of other travellers and sail from one stunning island to the next, enjoying the company of like-minded people while exploring the beauty of Greece. The Best of Greece at your fingertips with Tubber On a flotilla sailing trip with Tubber, you'll have the opportunity to visit some of the most stunning islands in Greece, including the iconic Santorini, Mykonos, and Ios. Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, you'll find it all on a Tubber flotilla sailing trip. From lounging on the beaches to hiking through ancient ruins, the experience will be unforgettable. Beautiful bays, great food, cheap ports and perfect sailing weather are the Greek conditions early in the year. Greece has a varied sailing area with many excellent options for a sunny flotilla sailing holiday on your yacht. Flotilla sailing in Greece: suitable for everyone Flotilla sailing in Greece: suitable for everyone. For novice sailors, flotilla sailing in Greece is a reassuring idea that can help someone in difficult situations. Experienced sailors discover new places during the flotilla, but mainly go for the social aspect because in the evening, it is great fun together. Especially for children, the flotilla sailing holidays in Greece are a wonderful experience. They see their friends every day or can even sail a day on a different sailing yacht. The distances during the flotilla in Greece are not too far, and the program is varied so that children will not get bored onboard. Not only the youth but also the adults appreciate the combination of peace and cosiness. Nothing is mandatory, be just by yourself or enjoy the company of other water sports enthusiasts, of wide water and a shared barbecue on a deserted beach. Cabin charter holidays We also offer cabin charter holidays with the flotillas departing from Athens. A relaxed way of a holiday on the water aboard the mothership while being accompanied by well-experienced skippers.
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Flotilla sailing Croatia

Flotilla sailing Croatia

Are you looking for a unique and adventurous holiday experience? Look no further! A Flotilla Sailing Holiday with Tubber in Croatia is the perfect escape from the daily grind. Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Sea and experience the thrill of sailing with a group of like-minded travellers. This holiday will be an unforgettable adventure with a range of activities and destinations to choose from. The flotilla sailing in Croatia has new adventures every day. Croatia is known for its more than a thousand beautiful and unique islands that are often only accessible by boat. That makes it perfect for a unique flotilla adventure. You can book a sailing yacht with friends and family and sail along in a small fleet from Sibenik Zaton or Seget, close to Trogir and Split.
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After sailing it is time for a good white wine or a beer
themed culinary flotillas

Themed flotilla sailing vacations

For everyone who wants something different than a family flotilla holiday, we have a number of very fun theme flotilla sailing vacations.
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The beauty of the British Virgin Ilands, during flotilla holidays with Tubber
british virgin islands

Flotilla sailing British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are perfect for a cosy flotilla sailing holiday! Always beautiful weather, beautiful nature, a northeastern trade and lovely people - you will find it all here. Flotilla sailing vacations the British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands are one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world. Most islands are only 1 to 2 hours apart. You can compare it with sailing in Croatia, but with more delightful beaches and much more big beautiful fish in the water. Excellent for snorkelling or drinking a cocktail with your feet in the sand. The weather on the British Virgin Islands With stable temperatures of around 25 and 30 degrees, you know where you stand. On the British Virgin Islands, the climate is also called subtropical with pleasant trade winds. At night the temperatures are not too high and therefore pleasant, and it won't rain much on the islands. The hurricane season at the BVI runs from June to November.
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Yacht taking Lunch pauze in one of the bays in Turkey

Flotilla sailing Turkey

Flotilla sailing holiday Turkey. Turkey is a must-to-go flotilla sailing. Tubber offers a well-maintained rental fleet for a sailing yacht or catamaran as desired. The Turkish coast is beautiful for sailing from April to November and you will still find many sights from Greek culture.
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Flotilla sailing Italy

Flotilla sailing Italy

Flotilla sailing in Italy is enjoying the sun, sea, sailing and delicious food and drinks. Moreover, you do not need a navigation license here. Flotilla sailing in Italy: the land of La Dolce Vita and good food In Italy, you can sail along in a flotilla. Italy is, of course, the country of La Dolce Vita and good food, but this southern European country also has a beautiful coast and a Mediterranean climate. The flotilla sailing vacations in Italy are perfect for everyone who wants to sail nicely, slightly longer trips and exciting locations with active volcanoes. There is nothing as beautiful as falling asleep under the starry sky on a gently rocking yacht with the scent of the sea and the sound of rippling waves crashing against the hull!
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Experienced flotilla guidance

At Tubber you get the best service! Our flotilla guides are passionate and experienced sailors.

Quality yachts

Young and very well maintained yachts. All yachts in the Tubber flotilla are from 1 owner, so we can offer the best service with our own service during the flotilla.

All in Tubber package

All yachts in the Tubber flotilla have an all-inclusive flotilla package. Outboard motor, towels, linen, final cleaning and a welcome pack, it's all included!

What will you do during flotilla sailing?

What do you do during the day during flotilla sailing?

After a beautiful night's sleep on your yacht, there is a briefing every morning. During the presentation, you will receive an explanation from our flotilla guidance about the route, tips where you can have lunch, the weather, and where you should be at the end of the day. After the briefing, a delicious breakfast and a strong cup of coffee, you can leave with your sailing yacht or catamaran. At the end of the afternoon, you will arrive in a beautiful bay or an authentic harbour. The flotilla guidance is ready to support you with anchoring or to help with the construction. Then it is decided whether we go, for example to the beach for snorkelling or barbecuing by a campfire. On other days we look for entertainment on a terrace, eat in a restaurant and visit the local village.

Who is going to sail flotilla?

Flotilla sailing is for everyone! It differs per season in the participants. In the summer there are usually families with children, sometimes more novice sailors, who want to get to know new waterways safely and pleasantly. But flotilla sailing is also great fun for the experienced sailor who enjoys a good time. In the off-season period, there are also plenty of options for theme flotillas, such as the delicious wine flotillas in Croatia and Italy.

How much sailing experience do I need?

If you want to sail a flotilla in Croatia, Italy, Greece or Turkey, you must have sailed as a skipper on a yacht at least once, regardless of whether it was a bareboat or a flotilla. If you are unsure about your experience, mail or call us and we will make an inventory together to see if you can sail independently in a flotilla. You don't have enough experience? Then you can also sail on the accompanying yacht to get the hang of sailing. An alternative is, of course, to sail along with your own yacht with skipper.

Cabin charter holidays

We also offer cabin charter holidays with the flotillas departing from Athens. A relaxed way of a holiday on water while being accompanied by very experienced skippers. For now, this is only possible with the flotillas departing from Athens in Greece.

What is a cabin charter holiday?

If you've got little to no sailing experience yourself or aren't yet experienced enough to stand behind the helm independently, we also offer cabin charter holidays. You sail, alone or with family/friends, aboard the mothership in the flotilla. A flotilla consists of a group of sailing yachts that all sail the same route, under the guidance of experienced flotilla supervisors. So you can board and join them, alone or with your family or friends and sail along.

What does your day look like when you join a cabin charter from Athens?

This varies a lot because every day looks different :) What we do know is that in the morning the flotilla leaders, your skippers, are often busy. They help the other boats on their way and tell them where the journey will take them that day. For you, this means a moment for yourself until they're ready themselves. So grab breakfast on a terrace, swim or shop...
When all or most of the boats have sailed, you leave too. The flotilla leader will regularly be the last to leave, but would like to be the first to return to its destination, to assist the other flotilla yachts again with mooring. During the day you will often sail around 4 to 5 hours, possibly dropping anchor in between for a refreshing dive or snorkeling session. The destination is therefore different every day. One time you'll be in a beautiful village and another you will spend the night in a clear blue bay. The group will regularly have a bite to eat together in the evening, which is also a nice moment for the children present to meet with each other again.

Do I need a boat license?

Flotilla sailing in Croatia and Spain usually requires an ICC. Other countries often ask for proof or an explanation of your experience.

What should you take with you on a flotilla sailing holiday?

  • Take your luggage with you in a weekend bag or sports bag due to limited storage space
  • Take shoes with white soles and an anti-slip profile for more sturdiness onboard
  • Especially casual, airy clothing and swimwear, short and long pants, a shirt with long sleeves protected against burning and mosquitoes. Don't forget a windbreaker, rain gear and a warm sweater for the evening. During May holidays a pair of warm sweaters for when it is cool once in a while
  • Think of a cap or hat for the sun
  • Leave jewellery at home as much as possible to prevent loss
  • Sunglasses (polaroid for the skipper) and sunscreen
  • A valid travel document and your health insurance card
  • Also think of a snorkel set, fishing rod or hammock for on the boat.
  • If you are a student, don't forget your student card, often you get a local discount for museums, but sometimes also harbour fees.
  • To use Spotify via your phone or to stream on the radio it is sometimes useful to take an old-fashioned AUX cable with you.
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